Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Discarded Snapshots

Something's there.
I see grass twitch
In a green ditch
And know where--
What, a mouse, vole?--
Some part of
Sequence by snake,
Cat, followed:
Taken whole by
Art and order,
Expense swallowed,
Left in such places,
Dead; there are
Faces I wish I
Had not read.


  1. The RSS feed said this was a revision, so I wish I had the original to compare. Lacking that, I get the pictures of the places and faces. My neighbor even had a vole problem a couple years ago, so I can see that critter. How can one discard such snapshots?

  2. Vole is just a metaphor for my brain hopping around in tall grass. Goddamn brain!

  3. Geo, this is such a great nature poem. I haven't come on to see all the feeds I subscribe to in some time. And I'm fussy about which I subscribe to. Yours is great.

    Bless you my friend.