Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mantis Religiosa

[Norma Photo]

What takes us--
It might be peeled
Paint or sunlight
On some small moment--
Where past went?
It might be anything
At all, a mantis walking
Up a wall, an appetite
With legs slowly
Opening the future.
What seems direct,
Secure --good posture
For an insect--
Is simply life layered
Over hunger, the older,
Younger record of
All life here.
I believe
I'll get a beer.


  1. For me it's always been cockroaches, but I can appreciate the mantis, too. Definitely, defining moments like this start with philosophizing and end with a drink, though sometimes the other way around, too. Fabulous close up of mantis by Norma, showing the architecture of that amazing creature. Suppose she'd take a picture of a cockroach for me? I need some inspiration! I admire yours!

  2. Cockroaches? Shhhh! We've always called them "Goldbugs" here. We'd get them when there was construction in the neighborhood and the kids felt proud to host goldbugs during rackety summers. They've resumed building across the road so you may expect a photo in a few months.