Thursday, January 30, 2020

Queen Noire

In keeping with my recent theme of cats and it being rather late at night, I have elected to do it again. You are welcome to visit examples on all 3 of my blogs --please click here and here. I hope you also enjoy this bit of doggerel, er...catterel:

                                          Queen Noire

Norma named her
Noire --who has grown
To claim her eucalyptus
Throne-- a cat-shaped
Droplet of night, she
Assumed royal rights
Between barkbeds and
Flowers, has powers of
Rare device yet does,
Unlike lesser rulers do,
Eat mice; good thing too!


Saturday, January 18, 2020

Overseeding (Reworked Poem from 2008)

I will use this Normaphoto of Tux to retain eye-contact with the audience --something I've had trouble with, even back in 2008.

Thought is reception
Less like time unseen
Than grass quivering
Over seed --we 
Are suggestible.
In circuitry, potentials
Isolated and rhythms 
Set and yet simply
We follow the tremendum
Of birth --of sensing, seeing--
The incomparable change 
From Not Being to Being,
And Live --love and yet
We promptly forget.