Saturday, May 7, 2011

Doghouse Zazengine

[Norma Photo]

I'm glad she took this
Picture in our driveway.
When somebody says,
"After all, how long
Can you go on about
Flowers and drive
An old VW?"
My silence is usually
Taken as agreement
But I'm really trying
To subtract the late
'60s from the current
Year in my head.


  1. Even though my Google search for zazengine elicited nothing, i'm still delighted in being--usually--your first responder. And like those other first responders I have little idea of what I'm facing! "Zazengine" is as recondite a term or concept for most as thermite is!

    So I'm so glad that Norma took a photo of your ancient VW bus and the hippie--let's face it--feast days of yore that it still represents for others if not yourselves. You wonderful Boomer students of mine then surely have more of a problem " trying/To subtract the late/'60s from the current/Year in my head" than i, your teacher back in the day does!


  2. Zazen plus engine equals "doghouse"-compartment that poops out dandelion flowers. Now there's a sentence I don't write every day!

  3. Thanks! I'd like to blame the lateness of the hour to my not spotting that zazen! And doghouse--is that a term VW bus owners use? Marvelous!

  4. Now that you mention it, I first heard "doghouse" used automotively among air-cooled VW sufferers, but have since encountered it in reference to RVs, boats etc. --where an engine has its own little house and hatch.