Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where Roads Go

[Daughter photo]

Trees seek light
As depths,
Assigned to shadow,
Disappear at night.
It is done
By rolling under the
Sun as it
Traverses space,
Manifold universes,
Being is to be,
I believe,
A survey of
Infinity bound
To be inconclusive--
That is understood--
But often best
Begun on roads
Through a wood.


  1. Of course those lines by Frost are inevitably playing counterpoint in one's mind. But yours combined with daughter's photo give us another view, both gentler and huger. Thanks.

  2. Indeed Will, universe is "gentler and huger" than we can comfortably imagine; also dangerouser. But we play in it anyway. Humans are sturdy little goobers!

  3. A walk in the forest. Footprints brazenly left on the universe without thinking about it.


  4. Yes, footprints from times and life-forms. I suggest poem,"Shoeing A Chimp" at Invalid's Workshop for further consideration. I have included the French, whose language I am learning.