Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hinge View Of A Bivalve

Here inside,
In limits,
Focal umbo
Under ribs,
Is this
Convecting swarm
Of salt and stars,
Boiling --by which
Alembic I might
Scald an angel out
Or open my shell
To roaring sun
And let one in.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Keep This Coupon

At the window
Overlooking lawn
You have your
Mandarin collar on
And remark,
"It's a journey
You know."
We walk together
Through a house
Empty except
For a cold tea kettle
In the kitchen.
Whatever else
I seem to see
In this dream,
I shall always
Love the way
Dust looks
On copper.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Long Division

Divide infinity
By itself.
You get one.
You get its attention
With a little bell.
Even when there's no sound
Beyond a bell, attenuated,
Stretched across time,
One needs to hear.
Infinity grows an ear
That always was
Upside your head
And will always be.
Time does not dispose
Of a mystery, so
It is in our best interest
To remain one.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


(punctuation note: multiple hyphens indicate
orchestral pause of 2000 years.)

Incipit --------------------Here it begins
In camera,----------------In private,
In limine.-----------------On the threshold.
In lumne------------------In light we shall
vidiebimus lumen,------see light,
In naturalibus,----------Stark naked,
In pectore,----------------Secret,
In pleno,------------------Fully,
In posse,------------------Perhaps
In praesenti.--------------The present.
In cauda venenum!------Watch out for the part you can't see!

At This Latitude

Earth and I turn
East 800 miles per hour.
The least wave breaks
In crests of
Wildflowers, mountains,
Years, now, yesterday.
Tomorrow we feel
Churning stars
Refill the furrow
Of our keel.

Sacramento Valley

Air, hot
From this basin--
Ages back, an ocean
Emptied its swirling ghost,
Steamed into
Summer, revisits
Over woods--
Sounds surf in trees,
And these mountains
At snowline
Still define an
Inland coast.