Sunday, May 29, 2022


If you look at the photograph carefully you'll see as it wanted to be seen, taken 30 years ago with a Mamiya Sekor SLR at this table. Unloading my pocket knife and wristwatch onto the table in front of a small framed clock got our two youngest interested. I asked them if they'd like to be included. They did, so we went outside and they posed as would like to appear in the photo.

They did, and we discussed where their images would go.

Nine year old Son wanted to push or pull the minute-hand, as might we all sometimes. Four year old Daughter preferred to sit in the wristwatch and see what that unidentifiable thing with tanks and chimneys was going to do in front of the pocketknife. None of us remember what that thing was, but went on to have good lives. I guess the theme is, life is large but sometimes  best done in little.