Monday, February 27, 2012

Where The Future Is

(Norma photos)
I will tell you
Where the future is.
I step beyond my
Shadow on the green
Back door to
Where she put a
Hat on him

And grandmothered dreams
Into memories.
The future roams our
Work in short steps
Under boughs and birds,
Seeing all, startled
At wind-eddies, awed
At assemblies of
Ants and daffodils.
I am paid in pebbles.

Monday, February 6, 2012


[Norma photos]
Little people put
The planets up
On a line of wooden
Beads long ago along
The yard to arrive at
A shield of shells and
Shards --to face the sun,
Glow while time revolves
And solves itself
In long shadows.

Who knows what
Elementals leave
Their hollow hills to
Repaint routings done
So long ago?
Children-us belong
To the garden
And grow.