Sunday, December 25, 2011

Special Winter Day

[Norma photo of Norma sculpture from the '60s]
Peace, an ember
In here on a cold
Christmas and I
Can use a poker
To knock a blaze
Out of it but then,
By and by, must
Bring up fresh fuel--
Yule log? I think
Not-- too heavy,
Real, not so light
As I feel this day.
So on my way to
The barn I follow
Footfalls calculated
To offer an old dream.
What is, what seems:
I know imagination
And reality coexist
And each is never
Without the other
But I forget which.
I take the wagon over
An emblem marked
A long time ago,
Replenish the hearth.
That's all I know.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rewiring An Old Starship

[Norma, candid photo]
From ninety-three
Million miles, a flame
Opens roses --tiny, yellow,
Unnoticed -- composes
Us between what is,
What seems and
Leaves a little light
In our dreams.