Monday, September 18, 2017

Old Poem, New World

I have climbed the stairs,
An astonished child.
I have left the lull of illusion.
You and I and a tremor of time
Climb brimming bright along the shore.
I am not only myself anymore.
We are a wave 
Holding sunlight and life,
A rolling glow, music and more--
More than the sum of ourselves before
We gave our gift to time.
We stepped our separate stairs
To a door upon the earth.
It is open.
We have a simple hold,
A touch, a wash of fanning sea
Over a swath of sand, a boulder,
A lace of foam, a stairway of waves--
A lyric on  land.
When songs mingle, they sing
Among themselves, winding gift
With gift where new-winged dreams
Drift, melodies touch.
We touched,
We joined ways, and to
That touch entrusted all our days.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Western Fence Lizard

I watch a lizard scale a
Sunbleached rail and learn.
"Are you leaving our
Garden?" I ask --he turns
From his task and answers.
"Where I go, the garden is.
So no, I cannot leave, nor
Can you; you are part
Of the garden too." 

[I'd like to thank William at Looking For Jack, for identifying my little garden friend as a Western Fence Lizard. Go see his blog. It rewards attention!]