Friday, January 29, 2016

After Rain

After rain, ideas sown
In drought assemble
And sprout  under light.
The past is perfected 
In darkness, in night.
Even our words,
So deeply rooted 
In the past, are
Refitted for the
Future --now.
Now is simply a
Suture, aligning
Language into 
More, ideas we've
Never had before.


  1. "ideas sown In drought assemble
    And sprout under light."
    I like this so much. I've always liked how fresh and vivid the world looks after a good rain.

  2. Elizabeth (above) extracted the exact words that I love. Wonderful poem!

  3. Your garden looks fresh and new, green and bright.

  4. I also love "Now is simply a / Suture, aligning/Language into / More" - had to think about it a while, then "saw" it. Interesting, because for the last decades certain people emphasize so much the "now" - I love the now too, but think it could be a bit short-sighted to live only in the "now".

  5. Nice way to describe the beauty sprouting in splendor in your spring garden. We still have snow and the ground is frozen. It will be a while before our ideas sown in drought assemble and sprout.

    Enjoy your new sign of Spring and have a great weekend.

  6. Blooms give evidence of the beautiful ideas that have been sown. The freshness of the world after a rain is
    a particular exquisiteness. Together they offer a bundle of hope.

  7. I think we too, like the plants, sometimes need a gentle rain to replenish what life has gently drained away.
    Your garden is beautiful