Friday, January 8, 2016

Backseat Buddha

We'll set him
Beside the sundial
Where an ant on an
Analemma gnomon
Climbs a code
Across light,
Across seasons--
When color reclaims
This old gray road.
It too may
Overlay itself for
All I know.
Things come, go.
Things do.
New lives enter.
I like winter,
Don't you?


  1. I do love this poem, Geo., all of it, but especially I see the "climbing of the code" by an ant" - stitching a calligraphic Chinese word, maybe.
    A beautiful buddha. And yes: I like winter. For a while.

    1. Dear Brigitta, thank you. Buddha has kindly consented to preside over Norma's garden. She has dedicated it to peace and enlightenment.

  2. Buddha looks safe and comfy in the car seat. I hope he like winter.
    As I age, I'm no longer a fan of winter.
    Have a great weekend Geo.

    1. Indeed, Buddha must be safely belted before transport. It wouldn't do to have him climbing all over the car.

  3. When I first saw your headline I immediately thought of Dashboard Jesus. Buddha would hold a lot more drink than a Jesus. I was worried until you told your tale. Whew!

    1. I guess we could fit Jesus back there too, but he doesn't come in enameled bronze.

  4. Buddha fits perfectly on that backseat :) Wouldn't be a wonderful reminder of all things Buddha teaches having him close like this all the time? :)
    I love winter, especially when there's lots of snow involved.

    Have a wonderful and relaxed Sunday!

    1. A relaxed, wonderful Sunday sounds sublime and I shall in all my best comply with your recommendation. I find our backseat Buddha directs in silence, and that is sufficient. All my best wishes to you and Keith.

  5. A wonderful Buddha and yes I love winter but then in Perth in Oz ours seldom get very cold. I often dream of snow but it is not to be. Great poem too.