Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hello Bead

Thanks for planting
Rosemary where she
Blooms so far ahead
Of season--good reason
For waking early.
We nearly had to
Pillage reserves back
At the hive, taking
Our future to stay
Alive, but now, now
There's something,
Something fine to frame
Our door into springtime.
                   --Your Friend Bead. 


  1. Great photo and a great welcome to early Spring.

  2. How kind of Bead to leave such a thoughtful thank you note.

  3. Rosemary flowering now? Wonderful promise and outlook for what is coming. One of the many merits of rosmary is "alertness of the mind, concentration", and in Greece it was dedicated to Aphrodite. The 'blue' is so beautiful - thus one way to translate rosmarin is "dew of the sea".

  4. We used to have a rosemary bush that grew so split and sprawly we cut it down, dug it up and began again with a cutting. So now we have a small rosemary bush instead. I'll have to go and see what it's doing.

    Esther Montgomery

  5. I was gone for awhile with some personal issues but I'm back and glad you are still here!

  6. With no real autumn or spring in Perth bees are here year round as there is always something available for them.
    I love that photograph. Of course bees in Oz are European bees although we do have our own bees but they tend to be solitary and not hive bees.