Friday, May 1, 2015

She Is Right

She says,
"Families are grown
like gardens."
She is right.
One seeks siblings
Scattered across
Divides -- time,
Land and sea--
Life in possibility,
What seeds are.
This garden
Grows around a star.
I am more in light,
Real in a way
I had not
Been before.
She is right.


  1. What a delightful front gate!!
    ......and yes, she is definitely right in all that was written.
    I myself have sought siblings that I didn't know I had and was so glad to find them.

    1. I suspect true relatives are scattered across history and the world but sometimes number among our immediate kin.

  2. Lovely poem, Geo. I am reminded of 6 Degrees of Separation and how we are all connected through time. I'd like to think that my connections were all good people like you, but my feeling is there might have been a pirate or two in the mix.

    You are a very wise man in knowing to repeat " she is right". From what I have read in your posts I can see that you and Norma are very blessed in your relationship.

    1. Thank you, Arleen. I'm not very wise --Norma is. I think you are too.

  3. It is so lovely to find something new to add to the garden too, don't you think? I enjoyed this.

    1. Yes, Emma, I do think so. Glad you liked post.

  4. Now that you mentioned it. I think when you don't take care of it, weeds would grow and start destroying the "garden". Families should be given time, care and attention to grow it and make it blossom. :)

    Very very well said, my friend.