Sunday, May 10, 2015

Quantum Gardening

Rain on a canna lily leaf
Finds a world curved
Into everything, time,
Mind, events that
Serve life, make it full.
The world is not flat.
Tree trimming or
Tending irrigation in
A boggy hole, up, down,
The compass points are
Always with you.
You can't go in one
Direction without
The others too.


  1. I wonder how many flat earthers are left. Probably more than I know, considering the fettered direction of much of the world's population.

  2. Yin and Yang, light needs darkness. A word spoken must have silence to be heard.

  3. A sweet meditative moment. Thank you.

  4. Actually it sounds as if you are Mobius gardening but who is to say?

  5. See you in a moth Geo (I am on a break) and thanks for the lovely poem and photo

  6. There. You too know how to stop and feel what is all around you.

    What would life be if it weren’t full of such moments.

  7. A thought provoking poem Geo.
    The earth is neither round nor flat and which direction you head in makes little difference as long as you reach your destination eventually.

  8. Very true. Like we're all in this together.