Thursday, April 23, 2015


At the bucket you painted
Blue by the pumphouse door.
Whatever I came out here for
Escapes me --and photography
Captures reverie or me
Staring at my shoe. It's fun
To fall in love with you.


  1. What a beautiful garden Geo. Could be you just came out to admire all your work but instead you fell in love all over again. Love that blue bucket too.

  2. Geo
    One of my favorite words is "wonderful" and I so very often tell all the people that I care about that they are wonderful ..
    Well, this poem is wonderful, your garden is wonderful and last but not least "you are wonderful"
    Your poem is very endearing!
    What a joy to read this before I turn in for the night ..
    Thanks for the smiles it gave me and Good Night ...

  3. I love everything about this poem and picture. You are a sweet, sweet man.

  4. I am finding myself more and more "staring at my shoe". Or trying to find my keys. What was the question?

  5. What a delightful blog! I will be back often.

  6. Dear Geo., such a beautiful garden! And a colour-wise Norma: because blue hightens every green, makes it radiant and intense - as your poem.

  7. The verse accompanies the picture beautifully....we had snow today in Scotland, so this has been a little bonus!

  8. It sure is a beautiful feeling. :)
    Love how carefree this photo is.