Monday, April 6, 2015

O young Opossum

O young Opossum you,
In my lanai bamboo,
Cower over blossoms
Where evening brings
An end to hiding, soft,
Unhurried --stay aloft
And don't be worried. 


  1. Extraordinary! A marvelous photo discovery and beautiful admonition (for all of us) to stay aloft and don't worry.

  2. Here we call the opossum Road Kill. They have a very short life on the curvy and hilly streets of PA.

  3. When I lived in a city, possums would come help themselves from the cat food in the garage; I had to move feeding my cats indoors. Now I live rurally and in a wood, and never see them.


  4. what a cutie. The only time I ever saw baby possums was when their mother had been killed by a car. The poor things were crawling all over her. It was so sad.

  5. Opossum , America's kangaroo
    Sweet little poem !

  6. Oh what a little cutie! It's only hedgehogs we see a lot of at night. My cat got fairly friendly with one.....

  7. We have no possums in the suburbs so thank you for sharing your little cutie and writing a poem about her.

  8. They're cute creatures. I remember Ice Age movie whenever I see one. :)