Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where Strange Words Grow

[David Photo, California]

Let me think, for
Heaven's sake, or
Make glochidiate
Gestures suggestive
Of thought --I ought
To know... it is...
It is round.
I found it in the
Photo bag among
Sunset-gloaming rags,
Rainbowing rings and
An odd passion for
Not knowing things.
Someone knows.
She knows, not I --
Lens shade or gobo
Built to cast clouds
Upon the sky.
I don't know, and yet
Turn ideas enbrochette--
What steams remains dense--
And lapse into
Alert silence.


  1. "Glochidiate" I can't think of a better sobriquet for you, old friend. Case closed, except for that marvelous shot of you and Norma....

  2. Indeed, comrade Mediterraneanoid,those less ulotrichous have no idea what gets snagged by these heads of ours.