Friday, August 5, 2011

Between Buddleia and Jasmine

[Norma photo: fearless hummingbird]

Survival or novelty
Of striking beauty
Or both cross lenses
To a scent --a ghost
Laid or hummingbird
Made of blurs
And heartbeats.
Am I only in the
Way of what it eats
Or learning to dance
Where nothing was
Before one does?


  1. I love the way you and Norma pose this! I used to simply say "That's the economy of Nature" when my cat would take off vertically and gobble up a hummingbird, much to the dismay of my younger New Age friends in Santa Cruz. Maybe they'll get it here....

  2. Thanks Will. This little bird wouldn't take much of a jump, practically flies into my mouth when I yawn. He got about 2 inches from Norma's camera in the pic.