Monday, March 1, 2010

Still On Spring Break 1971

Left college to
Pursue a superior
Course of study.
What I learned,
Raising children,
Has bettered me.
I am nuts now,
But better.


  1. I love seeing you encapsulate that essential difference between us from those times here:
    "...Raising children,/Has bettered me./I am nuts now,/But better."
    One man's bread, etc.... Old friend. we had already seen those different directions in each other's live, and now I can perhaps write as succinctly (and poetically) about -my- choice, too....

  2. I hope so, Will. Maybe it will settle the mystery of how we've had wildly different lives but both went equally nuts. Thanks for compliment!

  3. I'll take your word for it Geo. I've had enough fun raising cats and myself. Good thoughts.

  4. Good point, Michelle! Arguably, we all raise ourselves but kids and yes, cats provided guidance I couldn't reliably give myself. Happy to hear from you again!