Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dream Garden

Windows snibbed, gate
Thwarted --so we,
Hand-in-hand like
Two children, walked
Along a boundary wall

To a corner
Screened by beech.
Was there a way out,
A breach behind?
Are we trapped inside
Our minds?

A western wall,
Wasn't it?
So long ago.
All I remember,
All I know is
We never looked
Behind that tree
And you still
Hold hands
With me.


  1. The layers of meaning in this poem intensify the more I read it. They are beautiful, romantic. More than that, they encompass a greater portion of life that many people don't allow their eyes to see where everything is interconnected and for some leaving (or escape) is not an option.

  2. Thank you Michelle. It's a back yard poem --thoughts of paradise and its Persian roots as a walled garden, shocking antiquity of the Wailing Wall, and Milton's (Paradise Lost) archetypal pair "...hand in hand...through Eden took their solitary way". All pairs, really, who touch hands, paws with peace in their hearts despite all the dark things around them. I was star-gazing with a cat in my jacket.