Friday, February 26, 2010

Genie's Curriculum

Can omniscience know
Effects of its own absence?
Sense, sequence, me
You, monsters, fools
Assemble so,
Learn from what
They know and more
From what they do not.
We form
Around our thoughts
From light,
Motion, slime.
At the rate our
Spirits climb
We'll know nothing
About nothing
In no time, and
Grow brains in
Primordial rain.


  1. Umm. I like this, and at first and second readings it makes me think of something like creation redux: isn't that the slime, etc., from which we all emerged? I especially like its inclusiveness ("...Sense, sequence, me / You...monsters, fools...light, / Motion, slime / Spirits climb...Grow brains in / Primordial rain.")

    Now, THAT'S not "intelligent design"!

  2. Willie,

    In physics, mind and matter are two ways of organizing events --an idea I consider generally axiomatic. Intelligent design, then, is an oxymoron I don't argue with but simply avoid as unnecessary. Your closing sentence is quite correct.