Friday, February 19, 2010

Celtic Moonwalk

(regarding a feature of western Mare Crisium noted by John O'Neill, 1953)

I'll meet you on
O'Neill's Bridge,
Yes, on the moon,
Three days 'til noon--
A glistening ridge
Where lunar rock
Replaced failing
Timber --at noon,


  1. What nostalgia for me! That's about the time that I was gifted with an early Arthur C. Clarke book that just came out about the solar system, pure astronomy but somehow more brilliant than the others I had read for beginners. 1953 was my own first moon walk thanks to that opus, and this reminded me of that. Pretty solipsistic, I guess, but there it is....

  2. Thanks Willie,

    Subject of poem is not alone. There is another O'Neil Bridge, over the Tennessee River in Florence,Alabama. I do not know if it was epistemological or metaphysical solipsism caused me to specify the one on the moon. For all I know they're two ends of the same bridge.