Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Peak Oil

Path through rain, not
Trodden into mire but
Higher, where dreams
Have been --what one
Does one does as good
Again, and good enough.
Far up, where city lights
Shine like diamond dust
Under me, and higher,
Where an ice-shelf cracked
And calved into the sea,
Rain of future ages
Evaporates off rages,
Beings screamed in
Each other's noise.
Understand, this is where
Dreams run out of land,
Joys take flight and
Dragons soar above
The rainy night.


  1. When i hit "refresh" this latest poem appeared as out of the virtual mists.

    Geo., it still surprises me that you don't have more followers. i know that poetry is constantly a minor cottage industry in America, even given Slam Poetry happenings, and earlier, jazz and poetry, but still, but still...I still wonder why you don't harvest like I have with my list and on Facebook, shamelessly! Aren't there other family and friends that would be at least somewhat enraptured (as I am majorly!) with your poems? IMO,it's a no-brainer!

    Well, maybe you've done that and there's no more to plumb...but I doubt it!

    Also, you have a wonderful voice, and I'd like to hear some of these as I did when we were young and you sang them with your guitar accompaniment...C.mon! Whaddaya say???

  2. Ah Willie. Guitar got worn out by my kids, which is as it should be. Besides, my voice, which I always hoped would compare to that of Isaac Hayes, sounds more like his brother, Gabby, now. Maybe I'll end up sounding like their sister, Helen. Find out when I finish puberty. I shall be 60 in a month so it's really early days yet. I just feel fortunate to have made a family out of my friends. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Geo.! That all makes eminent sense. Even imminent sense!

  4. Geo, thank you for leaving a comment on my poem. I am happy you did, because I have discovered another excellent poet. It is late now, but I will return another time to read more of your poetry. I will add myself as a follower. This poem, "Peak Oil," brought up images and emotions for me that you've expressed in a unique manner.

  5. Michelle,
    Thanks! It's good to know there are others who respect this vast garden growing around the sun. There's a lot of recent excitement over ice melting earlier and farther into Greenland, bringing prospectors and oil drillers and, of course, monetary incentives to a new generation. When life hands us global calamity, that's a pretty big lemonade stand. Is it age or experience that warns us away from another such cycle of illusion and disillusion? I'd like to think it's some fundamental beauty. Beauty is persuasive, Michelle, and you should keep writing it.