Sunday, December 13, 2009

On A Bridge

I am amazed at
What things mean.
Devices, by which
The impossible is
Seen, surround the soul.
What is secret when
Wind, rattling in reeds,
Repeats what is
Whispered in a hole?


  1. Good to see you gardening again! I like this poem in a way I cannot say; perhaps it's too early in the morning or because I've always liked poems I can't just easily "translate" into a prose redaction. I certainly feel its sense....

  2. Mornin' Willie! It's about devices that get us seeing things that can't yet be, like the story of King Midas's barber prefigured internet by thousands of years. Internet conversation with a dear friend recently touched upon political jackassism and got me wondering what-all the term might mean. One gets on a bridge built of folktales,cultural moonbeams etc. and never comes back. You know.

  3. Thanks for making one aspect of what was inchoate for me clear. i still like--as I said with all art--the wispiness of its gossamer extensions, unlike, say, the structure and meaning of 2+2 or thermonuclear power....