Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Gray fences pushed
About by bushes abandon
Euclid between burled trunks.
Impossible trees outline
Eccentricities. Mind
Divided from parks by
Palings sees each limb beckon
In wind, gardens call,
And by reckoning
Fall leaves, light, shadow,
Go where no
Fences are at all.


  1. Oh, Geo!

    I just got a message that this is a revision, but because I don't have a record of your earlier versions, I sometimes (?) get confused over how the latest is different, if (a) it IS the latest revision or (b) if I've even received the "revision." now. This one says it was posted on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2009, so is it the revision? Readers need to know!

  2. Oh Willie!

    I just made "eccentricity" into its plural so it would rhyme with "trees". Joyce Kilmer might have done the same --whoever she was. Just kidding, trusted teacher, I know HE wrote "Ulysses"!