Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It isn't all
Daylit tantaras from an
Angel's trumpet.
The root is perfected
In darkness, and
At night earth extends
Claws clutching green.
What grows between
Is summer.


  1. Beautiful pictures and fantastic words Geo.

  2. Dear Geo.,
    your beautiful poem has - though short - a baroque quality - the 'vanitas' heightens the intensity of summer. I love especially the picture of 'at night the earth extends claws clutching green' in its ambiguity.
    I thought a while about a line of a poem I heard in the back of my head, then I found it - Karl von Gerok (1815 - 1890), who wrote a poem "To the New Year", where the last line says: " For the new year/ a new hope/ The earth still becomes green again".

  3. What a beautifully succinct way to acknowledge summer's growth. Angel trumpet has so many versions, too!