Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This Nook Naved In Alders Is

This nook naved in 
Alders is where time 
Caught --a covariant
Force in light, gravity,
Emotion, thought
And low fog-- makes
Frogs sing at night.


  1. Really?
    I love the poem! And beautiful picture!
    Do you really have frogs singing at night?
    Whatever you do, don't ever ever mess with that nook or anywhere around it, because then they'll go away!

    When I moved into this apartment on the hill in front of these woods, we had frogs singing every night, it was wonderful. But then bulldozers came and 'fixed' something or other that wasn't broken. When they went away, There were rocks instead of a rolling green hill, and I never heard the frogs again. :(

  2. That nook is such a pretty sight
    and frogs singing at night, well, that is a sound I would so enjoy.

  3. That nook is so beautiful that anyone, not just frogs, would feel like singing.

  4. Singing frogs conjure a pretty sight indeed. Actually, we bought a ornament frog from our garden centre that has a timed sensor in it. If somebody passes close enough it 'ribbits' then spits out a shoot of water! Fun in the summer that is...!