Saturday, March 15, 2014

Early Spring

Poppies appear early this year.
Winter shifts its center and
Stems lift flowers  --a season
Warm among things young
Then old in mere hours--
Our star infusing forms with
Life, us too, young then old.
It is often very confusing.


  1. Geo. beautiful flowers, great poem.
    I think life in general for all creatures can be a tad confusing. Even our plants are confused this year by our very long summer and our lack of rain. Plants flowering right out of season.

  2. I love poppies.
    Enjoy those beauties as I enjoyed your poem, Geo.
    Thanks for the sharing of those lovely poppies
    Smiles ....

  3. The confusion does not end with the poem's last line. Commenters have been most kind in not pointing out the flowers in our photo changed genus overnight. I was satisfied they were poppies yesterday but today, with my glasses on...well, confusion reigns.

  4. Perhaps the chaos theory has come into play here Geo.?

  5. My grandmother used to grow poppies because she thought she was doing something illegal. They are lovely flowers.

  6. I love this poem and I love the picture! I'm a little confused by your above comment...they look exactly like poppies to me? Yes, confusion... :)