Friday, August 9, 2013

Time-Traveling Petunias

Creation of tropism, choices 
And rare rejoicing voices in
Light, tolerated a
Certain term in 
Thermal eddies, violate entropy.
Virtual, anomalous, even
Petunias appear astonished
Here from points past--
Real, suddenly somehow
Like us, here and now. 


  1. Wow! The petunias are beautiful, and, by the end of the poem, triumphant in their existence! :)

  2. A truly beautiful flower,a rebirth from points past, and a comforting reassurance that they will be here in the future......

  3. Another "great one", Geo. Even though I have to look up some of your words, I enjoy your poetry very much.

  4. Michelle, Arleen, thank you both! the gradual or sudden progress of all things into the future is fascinating. Every who has worked hard on its who and, no matter what our birthdate, is as new to now as you or me!

  5. Jon-- Don't sell yourself short --no, I don't mean through a realtor-- the future is YOURS too!

  6. What an exquisite blue! The petunia flows from that plant stand. Definitely not a still life. I love your idea of violating entropy.