Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Three Bees

Sea-green pattypan
Over a tumbled wall.
It's an old yard,
That's all.
If I have made,
Among things growing,
Any discovery,
It is not owing to
Clever recovery, ecocosm,
But to three bees
In a blossom, their
Aerial dance, selection and,
On close inspection,
Two patient ants.


  1. Such a way with words, I guess that's why it's called poetry LOL :)

    I love 'aerial dance'...

    I can't believe Norma got close enough to the three bees to take that picture...

  2. Michelle--Thank you! But Norma knew she was perfectly safe. Bees are used to us here and, unlike wasps, quite indifferent to humans in general.