Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wind Inland

We wait.
Eucalyptus sways
On gray sky.
Caught in current,
Applauding leaves
All is motion
And air
Turns into
Unseen ocean.


  1. Oh, dear! Right from the get-go Miss Thistlebottom's nostrils were flaring: it's Eucalyptus, not "Eucalyptis"she snorted! Unfortunately, that's as far as she got with her red pen. i went further, and reprimanded her for all those editing errors that too many English teachers who themselves didn't know how to write but thought that correct orthography (which they had been beaten into because their college teachers by and large didn't know how to write, except for following the MLA Style Sheet) was, as we say now, da shit!
    As for me, you had me caught up in the current above, eyes high as in your photo. Poor Miss T!

  2. Ah Will! Let's not dismiss "poor Miss T!" so quickly. I have communed this day on another blog with many theropods and confer upon her the title of T-regina, a queen bee needed as long as poets like me drone on. I shall make the correction. I fear creative capitulation less than I fear her snort. Thanks!