Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holographic Equation

Why not extend
In all directions?
Leaves rattle in a nut tree,
And if a shadow winks only
Once, one could deduce
Autumn, know all things
Hide in yellow
Light where late
Summer slipped out a
Weedy gate.
Fall will heal something
No one noticed injured,
Something heat can't kill.
Dreams endure and will
Always slide like a
Ouija planchette across
Seasons, not led but
Followed by reason.


  1. I love this one's redolence of what I feel about autumn, too! Also, i like the image and word combination again! (Ge. and Norma?) Finally, I'm glad that the chainsaw wasn't mentioned....

  2. Yep. It's definitely time for me to reread Michael Talbot's book.