Monday, November 29, 2010


I sat in my chair.
You sat in your chair.
Time passed.
We sat there,
Children climbed onto
Our laps then slid
Under the table as
Children do.
Emerged grown,
Involved, capable.
You look at me
And I at you.
We done?
No, another one
And one again.
They keep getting in!


  1. Heehee! Or maybe that should be either Hear! Hear! or Hear Here! I love this, grandparents! Foe sure, I see there's another right there getting in! A pure delight!

  2. Thanks Willie! I guess we shouldn't leave food out. Too late now.

  3. "I guess we shouldn't leave food out. Too late now."

    I thought that fluffy bit between you and Norma was the head-fuzz of a grandkid. Where's the food?

  4. You have indeed correctly identified the fluffy bit, Will.