Thursday, February 18, 2021

What Tails Are For

Today's journal entry (to Minnie, who loves cats):

I wish my tail hadn't dropped off some months ago. I wouldn't have to use a cane sometimes.

(In response to Meems, a much-valued commenter, I'm translating my handwriting into something readable here:
                                    An event
                                Lives through a mind
                               And mind anticipates
                               Events --a cat
                               Waits at the back door.
                               That is balance,
                               What tails are for.


  1. Tails have all sorts of uses. I love a soft tail wrapped around my arm.


    1. Dear Janie, it's instinct some animals have with us bigger life-forms. Tails curl around the human arm for stability. Even garter and gopher snakes --held behind their heads-- curl their bodies, which are all tail, round my forearm as I relocate them to happier lives outdoors and off my property. If that isn't love, I give up.

  2. Replies
    1. Dear Emma, poor kitty indeed. She and 6 other cats have sojourned here after their longtime homes have suffered tragedy. Covid-19 has returned their owners to their Maker, and them to the wild. We help as best we can but neighbors have been dying.

  3. That scene is replicated at my house. We have a cat house on our deck that is up against our French doors. The most lovely Marilyn, with the sad eyes, sits on top of it and stares in at me as I sit on my couch in my warm home every night. I have opened the door to comfort her but all I get is a smack on my hand and a lot of guilt.

    1. Dear lovely Arleen, I see you're going through the same cat-astrophe. I can only praise you for giving Marilyn a safe deck. Hopefully her fears will recede.

  4. We all could use a prop to wait out time. Cat has one.

    1. Excellent point, dear Joanne. I would use tail-convolutions, if I still had one, but must use the next best thing --writing.