Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rainy Day Garden

She brought in blossoms
From our darkening garden,
Arranged a conference
Of color and scents --
A kitchen counter review
Of what our world ought
To do under storm.
There was no debate, only
Fragrance enacting law--
Nor reform-- only a planet
Each blossom saw wheeling
Under rain and sun, and
Always a quotient of one.


  1. And an eclectic collection of vases...

  2. Every flower deserves it's own space so we can appreciate all its beauty.

  3. The colors and fragrances must be intoxicating.

  4. Beautiful words, but also, I like those love things on the counter top. So pretty.

  5. I love flowers with raindrops on them. I picked up a fallen frangipani flower today and popped it in a little vase to give it a couple more days of life.
    We actually had some rain today so was able to take photos of flowers in the rain. Beautiful as is your poem.

  6. I love women or men who are able to see what is beautiful and honor that by looking at it closely - instead of lamenting about a storm that is not in our power to prevent. By picking up what falls to the garden ground and giving it a special place, a new surrounding, you take back control, create a beautiful frame and thus a new focus.

  7. I love flowers, and I love the rain, too. Your poem is beautiful.