Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Gardener's Farewell To Winter

Spirits torn in tears
And laughter rejoin
As east wind amassed
Moves undiminished
On --much happens after 
What happened last, yet,
Spirit is still unfinished.
It is resourceful, sturdy.
Clouds inquire from the
Sea, so don't be remorseful.
It only confuses me. 


  1. It confuses me. :)
    Hope you're enjoying the new season.

  2. Somber clouds gilded with the promise of sunlight....a wonderful prelude to spring!

  3. Our east wind is a very hot one and we've suffered at its hands a lot this past summer. We are now looking forward to winter with clouds and hopefully rain, one day. These differences in global weather patterns get me confused.

  4. Spring seems to be here with the trees budding and color magically popping out of the ground. Alas, the weather people are telling us that a Nor'easter is on its way bringing with it possibly inches of snow to cover our first blooms. Although we have been having 70 and 80 degree temperatures lately, winter may havie its last cruel laugh.

  5. A complete good description of your spring. I cannot envision any spring except ours, like Arleen describes. Though our temps aren't that high. But then, she's closer to the sea.

  6. Maybe the gardener should say farewell to winter but keep an eye open for a short return visit.

  7. Spring is springing early here in Montreal, will see if it stays.

  8. I absolutely love spring in Sacramento. The way the flowering fruit trees pop out, in pointillism. And now the redbud trees have bloomed. Just wonderful.