Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In Norma's Garden 2

Mutual induction, a
Production of 
Bellpeppers and
Beans and, as
To what it means, she looks at
Me and says, "Something fun."
She is done talking --I 
Am left to see this gaze
At me in evening glow
And am amazed, ahead of 
Night, that she has got
My shadows right.


  1. Green Pepper man is a purveyor of grins!
    I can't help but smile a while.
    More attractive in shadows than bins.

  2. This is worthy of a veggie praise. Nothing beets good veggie art. The photo will last long after consummation to accompany your poem.

  3. A photo to last to future generations. "Grandpa wrote this...what do you think he meant?...Hell if I know..."

    Looks like a great stir-fry.