Friday, June 19, 2015

Out Our West

Out our west window
One plum and another
One appears -- in
An astragal  of spheres
Arranged a good deal
Like planets under 
Sun --to reel and 
Dance around a line.
I must conclude cosmos,
Chance and plum trees
Turn on a common
Axis, and share design.


  1. Beautful fruit and definitely part of the grand design.

  2. The fruit trees in CA are a wonder. I enjoy looking at them when I visit your beautiful state.

  3. Lovely little globes, warming in the sun.

  4. You have made me hungry but your plums look like apricots in the glowing sunlight.

  5. I like the thought of fruits dancing in space..! A bit too high to pick, mind you.......

  6. Another impressive poem (I wouldn't expect anything less from you)
    I agree with Emma. Those plums look like apricots - - and they remind me of the apricot trees we had in our yard when I was a teen. I can still smell the HEAVENLY blossoms......

  7. Great lines-
    I love the thought of cosmos, chance and plum trees turning on the same axis---and sharing a design

  8. Wonderfully described about the plums and the way they hang in the tree...

  9. Love the comparison to galaxies. And, like Tom, I love the thought of everything turning on the same axis. It's a thought that has such ripples . . .

  10. I'm a fruit lover! I dream of growing fruits in my yard someday. :)

  11. Those plums certainly do look like apricots which I really enjoy to eat....we don't seem to get golden plums here in Oz.
    Loved the poem.