Monday, October 20, 2014

Five Years Into Retirement

[Normaphoto of backyard]
Gray fences, pushed
About by bushes, abandon
Euclid at burled trunks.
Trees outline eccentricities.
Mind divided from a park
By palings sees each
Limb beckon in wind.
Gardens call, and by
Reckoning of
Fall leaves, light, rain
And shadow, go where no
Fences are at all.


  1. Dear Geo.,
    the freedom from stern geometry or the formal demands of professional life - showing what the heart already knew: life is not submitting into parallel postulate, Euclid's angles - it is curved, as the beautiful photo shows, and one might pay for beauty, which is not always perfect but might be burled, with a few raindrops or tears and leaves under the feet, and the sight might be slightly blurred - nevertheless it is worth to be free, in the real world.

  2. I like the compactness of your imagery.

  3. No longer held in by the fences of "have to" and the restraints of a job, we go into our golden years(?) with a freedom of choice. It is mostly all good.

    I hope these five years have been enjoyable for you.

    I love the Normaphoto. Your backyard looks like a lovely place to spend your days.

  4. What a charming spot. I too would enjoy relaxing there as it rains ever so softly.

  5. I hope these five years of no fences have offered miles of free thoughts and horizons of hope.
    Your view looks enchanted.

  6. Such a wonderful post, Geo, thank you so much for sharing...and I love that photo!
    A heartfelt thanks for the birthday wishes, I really appreciate it! :)

  7. Oh, how I love those last two lines, Geo.