Monday, July 28, 2014


A magnetic field
Across gravity, time
Revealed in embryo--
Had eyes, saw,
Worked its raw way
Into light, direction--
Water-strider remains,
Lingers over its own
Reflection, attached, all
Fingers, to what is known.


  1. *Fingers, to what is known.*
    Loved that line....
    Great poem, Geo

  2. Dear Geo.,
    pond skaters - I always admire their ability not to sink in, their facileness and swiftness.
    Your drawing gets that perspective well - one can see the reflection, the carrying surface,
    The larva works its way out of the dark water, the water-strider then remains untouched by the dark unknown depths - superficial by this lingering over its own reflection? "Attached" - no way for further experiments, chosing secure life over death by adventure.

  3. I'm going to read this to the skeeters here in Minnesota (where they are our State Bird). The little buggers could learn a thing or two from the pond skaters, who know how to leave a gal alone, at least.


  4. I agree with Margie. Great poem, Geo.

  5. As usual Geo. so profound and well stated.