Sunday, May 18, 2014

Inside Out Flowers And Friends

   American barrenwort (Vancouveria hexandra).

They don't forget, a
Shape remains in apian
Brains but time emits
A mist in it --old scents
Drift out, inside out--
From petals such as
These and some confusion
Overtakes bees at
Inverted pleats, then
Light or heat disperses
Doubt --it rises, burns
Off fog, years, hours.
Summer returns with  or
Without these strange flowers.
Bees adjust --I
Suppose I also must.


  1. Always such a pleasure to read your poetry, Geo.

  2. It is difficult to compete with those bees, I know. But you'll give it your best shot.

  3. What can I say apart from that was a bee-autiful little plant tribute!