Thursday, February 27, 2014


Light through a lens refracted
In bright echoes of phantom
Sun --wind-driven optics align.
This is how it's done: send dust,
Time, entirety pinwheeling in
Space; ignite thought, feeling and
Place them right under reeling storm.
They will observe then run inside
Where it is warm, home --where
I am writing this poem.


  1. Wonderful photo and the poem is great.
    Is it raining there now?

    Have a great weekend, Geo.

  2. There's nothing better than a rainy day poem.
    A friend of mine in Santa Rosa just told me that they're getting wet!

    (I told her to go inside.....)

    1. Inside eh? Now there's an idea. Jon, we've been frollicking in the least bit of encouragement against this drought, we need to be told to go in.

    2. Nicely penned, Geo! We could pay poetic tribute to rain the majority of the week here in Scotland!!

  3. I saw the title and hope you may send a little rain our way. Now officially 96 days since rain recorded in Perth. Maybe a poem to the rain gods to encourage them to send some our way....please. We would probably run outside if we heard rain. 38ºC in Perth today. No autumn here at all.