Sunday, November 24, 2013

Eden Called And Recalled

Displaced pines seek
Far mountains,
Cone by cone--
Contrive to climb
Once more from
This valley floor-- as
Statice pushes
Purple ribbons
To the sea.
A daisyring,
Remembered in a bee,
Evokes a dance
Above its hive.
By chance and such
Devices we survive.
It's what we do, yes,
I'll dance with you.


  1. A wonderful poem and a fantastic photo. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. You know, your poems draw beautiful things as I'm reading them... This time, a valley opening out to the sea, resplendent with pine trees and purple lavender and daisies.
    Awesome picture of you two!

  3. Wonderful re the poem and photograph. Thank you.

  4. What a rich blessing to think in metaphors as you do, to be able to link the unexpected in a never ending dance - and you look like a couple of honeys :-)
    PS Just want to say that I really appreciate your comments and would comment more on your mind, if I wasn't so confounded - Chrome won't let me comment, and for some reason your blog doesn't show on my sidebar, so when I shift over to Internet Explorer you are not immediately on tap. Well I enjoy reading your words anyway. May they continue to flow and to both of you, Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks, Lady M. I too don't understand Chrome or Google-plus, so I haven't really fiddled with them even though Google sort of forced them on me. I rely mainly on Firefox as a browser and have least trouble with it.