Friday, September 6, 2013

Bug Eye Glasses

They hold light in too.
Each rainbow unattended is
Begun and ended anew
In her brain, by
Seamless maths
And what remains is
A garden where
Spectra were.
On this path, one becomes
A gardener to
Work beside her.


  1. Ha! So many great lines in this one I can't even choose
    Great picture too!
    Okay, I'm picking three: 'rainbow unattended', 'seamless maths', and 'one becomes a gardener to work beside her.'

  2. Michelle--Thank you. Most kind.

  3. That is your wife, she's lovely and the poem is too!
    Nice one, Geo.

    Happy weekend!

  4. What a lovely tribute! Exquisite words.

  5. Your wife is a lucky lady to have a man who will write poems about (to) her. And you, Geo, are a lucky man to have such a lovely lady who inspires you to do so.

  6. If her garden where spectra were is all that remains, it's more than enough to light up and color the universe.

  7. To all, my thanks, and yes I do love her.