Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Doors Are For

Do we worship the sky through
A hole in the roof or step
Outside in search of proof?
Or find doors to walk past--
A beginning orchestra class
Of squeals and drumbeats,
Screams, bleats of instruments
Being slaughtered, from which
Will come music someday--
Under roiling winds that
Play over a new language
Escaped at doors and swirled
Under clouds in a new world.


  1. I love your poetry. I read it over and over and find different meanings; and not just one but all the lines are exceptional and must be given a great deal of thought. I don't know how you do have a real gift.

  2. Those who are bound in domesticy are viewing only part of the whole from their sheltered home; when they dare they get a step further outside but still want proof, meaning another kind of security. If I understand the language right, `doors to walk past' means leaving security behind you - which will bring pain and blunders as to those who have to try many times to learn to play an instrument, and not only that: play in harmony with others - but some day it happens and then there is something new instead of the old, imprisonning surroundings that were left behind - openenness and wide landscapes and nature: a new world, in which one can breathe.

  3. 'Bleats of instruments, being slaughtered, from which will come music someday'

    This took me back to the kids as tots and reaching their achievements nowadays. In whole, it's a beautiful piece of poetry.