Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sundial 2, Future Horology

[Astronauts service Hubble Space Telescope from shuttle Atlantis, May,2009. Credit: NASA]

An ant crawling up
An analemma gnomon
Knows what time it is.
It is his, his space.
A dial measures only
Its face and numbers
Trace astrometries.
Mean time encumbers
Bigger beings with
Trouble seeing what an
Ant already sees.
He sees what's there.
He watches --and
Watches need repair.


  1. Heehee! Forgive me, but 'analemma gnomon' strikes me as 'semolina pilchard' did in the Beatles' 1967 "I Am The Walrus"--with some folks trying to find esoteric meaning from the phrase. only because they weren't English and didn't know that was as common a phrase there and then as yours is for those who know sundials! Going beyond that first blush reaction, both artistic works are delightful and perhaps even enlightening observations on natural vs. abstract ways of grokking experience.....

  2. I suppose I could have my ant climbing up the Eiffel Tower like that pilchard, to much the same effect, but it's been done and besides, I'm not sure there is such a fish --or ant. Thanks, Will!