Monday, September 5, 2011

Rain Hat

[Drawing by Geo.,1966: Photo, Geo.,2010]

I remember sound from
An old house (pulled
Down long ago), water
Running off its roof
Onto brick, according
Proof to my younger
Brain of melody
Under rain.
As mirrors spread
Across the yard I
Aged and dared not
Disregard that.
Now water runs
Off my hat --time.
Time does not
Dismiss old men so
Much as shift
Where things begin.


  1. I remember that drawing: if it wasn't in the student magazine, it should have been. But more important than that is how art can predict future nature, which this clearly shows. Just wait a couple more years and I predict the resemblance will be exact!

  2. Drawing was indeed published in Spring'66 issue of Stylus, which you coadvised with Dee Linn. There was no discernible resemblance but I loved her too.