Sunday, March 6, 2011


[photo credit: Norma]

On earth
A string of brass bells
Hangs from
Mulberry branches.
Everything has its birth.
Rounding dawn
Dreams back its
Trillion years.
Old red stars in
The cosmic spine
Barely displace darkness
Now, persist in
My garden roses.
What disappears from
Light, shadow exposes
From antiquity,
Remotest night,
In wind where
Little bells emit
A melody to what
Is still suspended


  1. Thank you! This is one of those pieces that helps me reboot my attention to what really matters--perhaps even more important now in the contemporary perfect storm my country has had too large a hand in creating.

    For me, it thus joins the ranks of other works, large and small, that have been literary soul food for me, examples of what William Faulkner in his Nobel Award acceptance speech referred to as affirming "eternal verities." These verities are universal values such as love, honor, pity, pride, compassion, and sacrifice, among others. Faulkner said it is the writer's duty to remind readers of these values. Thank you again, Geo. and Norma!

  2. beautiful Geo! Hey, what rose is that? Litery soul food is right!

  3. Thanks Annie B., I believe that rose is "Candelabra".