Sunday, December 26, 2010

Closed Geometry

[photo, son David: St. Malo, France]

A sloping downland over
Cliffs where morning
Mist veiled distance--
Sound and dreams
Reforming gray
Watery light served
Our needs as we
Woke, confused,
Emerged from night
Amnestic and saw
Light thread
Dawn to the
Hill we stood on.


  1. This poem's landscape architecture somehow differs for me the terrain that I know you have tended for so many years in Sacramento. So? I recall camping trips with you when we were both young to coastal bluffs like these. So? That's perhaps just my idiosyncratic response to these magical lines....

  2. Thanks Willie. Bacon wrote: "Every man is a debtor to his profession and must make some return." Garden includes the sea now, perhaps even the stars. Scope has widened but, for me, the axiom holds true.